Friday, 18 August 2017

July's Beauty Subscription Roundup: Birchbox, Lovemebeauty, Glossybox

Glossybox Review
So last month its safe to say that all of the subscription boxes came ready to make an impression. So with there being so many beautiful summery boxes last month we have been debating, declaring and we even ran a poll on twitter to find out which subscription was the best subscription box for the month of July. After going through everyone's comments, the poll and just my personal assessment we have a clear winner but before we crown the best subscription box for July 2017 we have to give out a few awards first.


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

My Summer Love| Ghost Sweetheart Forever

Ghost Sweetheart Forever Review

I've been definitely loving sweet smells this summer especially those that are similar to the Ghost Forever Scent. Like the other sweet smells I find myself falling for scents that are slightly subtle in sweetness and not extremely overpowering because I tend to reach for more musky scents.


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

How to enjoy the little things?| Buckley London

How to enjoy the little things?| Buckley London

At first I was going to title this post " how to get through a really bad day " because I felt since I use to struggle with anxiety as a teenager I've learned to get through bad days a lot better and we all can relate to having a bad day or an all round bad week but I will leave that for a next post.  I figured a post on how to enjoy the little things would be far more appropriate especially since I am loving this little but stunning piece from Buckley's London* its got rose gold and marble and its the most beautiful jewellery I own to date. 

Friday, 4 August 2017

Magnitone London: Well Heeled Express Pedicure System

So today I will be reviewing Magnitone London's Express Pedicure System. The pedicure system comes with an express pedi-roller, 2AA batteries, cleaning brush, regular roller and an extra buffer roller. The brush roller works by removing the base of the system and adding batteries to it. After adding the batteries and putting the base back on turn the device on and use on your heels and feet only.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

My Dreamy Pamper Evening| Celebrating 20 Years of Dead Sea Mud Mask with 7th Heaven

Celebrating 20 Years of Dead Sea Mud Mask with 7th Heaven

I have been a fan of 7th Heaven Face Mask for an extremely long time I just love the fact that they have a mask for a wide range of skin issues and skin types. When it comes to pamper evenings I have managed to keep pretty stocked up with there mask. I think it was April that I tried the Dead Sea Mud Mask* for the first time and I loved it so much that it made its way to my favourites. 
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