Thursday, 15 June 2017

My Makeup Ban Wishlist

So I am half way through the month of June when it come to the makeup ban and its been so tough.On the plus side my account has been looking a lot more healthier than normal and I've been using a lot more of my current makeup. This ban has left me so astonished at how much makeup I purchase outside of my budget and how many makeup products that are just sitting in my house. These last two weeks has definitely been a week of rediscovery for me.

On another note it has left me noting down some of the products that I need in my collection and strangely enough these are not just products that seem all the more tempting because of the ban these are products that are quite raved about.

Also some of these products are definitely needed to improve the look of my makeup or beauty regimen. 

So with that said lets dive in...

Colourpop I Love Sahari- After having to pay that shipping for colourpop I swore I would never make a colourpop purchase anytime soon unless I am maby doing a combined purchase with some of my mates. However I love the packaging and the colours in the I love Sahari set so much everything from the eyeshadows to the lip products its been tempting me ALOT.

Estee Lauder Double Wear- Since I've tried this foundation it has been on my mind it blended so well with my skin colour, it looked natural but had such great coverage. I am running not walking to the store after this makeup ban is over.

Pixie Glow Tonic- Gosh I've wanted this for so long I just think that it is something that would work really well with my skin and I heard so many great reviews!

Mac Yash and Mac Bittersweet Liner- I saw Yash being worn by a you-tuber and I instantly loved it, bittersweet is a colour that I have seen this YouTube recommend also and when Laura Living Life recommended it to me on my post that just sealed the deal for me!

Colourpop in the colours Creeper and Avenue- I could kick myself because my last colourpop order I had my eyes on Avenue but I didn't think I would like it I have seen it everywhere on all skin shades and I am obsessed its the perfect Hollywood Red. Another red is creeper and it is also such a nice red I think its more of an orange toned red don't quote me on that but I saw it on a few colourpop models and I was sold.

Nars Concealers- Don't even get me started with Nars Concealers there was a popular concealer that came out by Nars and before I could head down to get it another equally as popular if not more has just come out so I am left here confused wanting them both.Surely Nars you are going to leave me broke..

The Ordinary Primers- Staying within the same theme the ordinary has brought out more than one primer that is so popular that I am so confused as to which one will be suited to my skin. I want all of them but due to the many expensive items on the wishlist I most likely will be reading some reviews and rolling the dice to make a decision on one.

Milani Blushers- The one with the rose the longwear blusher that has been tempting me since I've began my blogging career I need to get my hands on it I just cant decide which colour they all look great. Which colour do you recommend. Leave a comment down below?

Coloured Raine Mars- Since I've been sent a different colour in my Look Incredible Box I have wanted this colour. It actually looks great on everyone I've seen wear it so far and I love the formula so this must be so lovely.

Laurier Mercier Setting Powder- I'm just going to stop procrastinating and buy it after the makeup ban. Is there at least one person that hates this powder.(just joking). With so many great reviews and recommendations I am looking forward to finally getting my hands on this after 2 weeks of course.

Huda Beauty Lipstick- Gosh I have wanted these lipsticks since watching some YouTube reviews the price tag has been really making me procrastinate about them. I met an MUA that works with Huda and her makeup just looked so great that I want them even more she's just helping me decide on what colours at the 

So that's the end of My Makeup Ban Wishlist if a girl cant buy a girl can certainly dream. What makeup products do you currently have in your wishlist?



  1. Love this post! To be honest I want most things on this list too! I have a few of them also! My wishlish contains the laura gellar diamond dust highlighter!!! But i too am on a ban.

    Amina xx |

  2. Currently on my wishlist is the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette. I don't need it and probably could dupe most if not all of the shades with the colours I already have in my stash. I still want it badly, lol xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

  3. I'm excited for you!! Love this little list, I would go crazy after having a ban! x

  4. I have tried no spend bans many times! Doesn't always happen though :) Great wishlist!

  5. ooh great Wishlist, I actually don't really have anything on mine at the moment, shocking I know!


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