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The Summer Fragrance That Has Left Me Wanting More: Zara Perfume Nude Bouquet Review

Zara Nude Bouquet Review

I can't believe where nearly in the middle of June, before you know it we will be in the summer months and I will be desperately trying to make the best of every week before autumn starts raring its head. 

So a few months back I went to Zara because I heard such a buzz about their fragrances that curiosity got the better of me. I've got to admit I am so fussy when it comes to perfumes because I prefer to spend a lot of money on one that I really like rather than one that I sort of like because lets just be honest you have the rest of the 100ml to learn to like it or pass it on to someone that will love it.

Zara Perfume Review

That said all of Zara's perfumes are quite inexpensive so I knew I wouldn't have any concerns in that area. After trying the first 5 bottles I kept saying to myself "how come no one ever told me",I literally liked every scent and I was so confused because I didn't plan to spend any money on that day due to travels. 

So I managed to drag myself away until I stumbled upon the scent Nude Bouquet and I was sold. First of all lets just take a moment to admire the beautiful packaging also the box it came in reminded me of Burberry for some reason. The scent is an oriental scent which I didn't know at the time of purchase I just thought it smelt absoltely beautiful. The scent is a mixture of bergamot,lotus flower, honey suckle,vanilla and jasmine for those that are wondering. These days I find myself loving Oriental or Moroccan scents for instance all my shower staples are Moroccan.

I purchased this bottle of perfume for £15.99 in store but you can also get  Zara Nude Bouquet Eau de Parfum 100ml online also.7

Zara Perfume Review

What's your favourite scent that you like to wear in summer? Or whats your favourite summer perfume?
         Leave a comment down below, I would love to know.



  1. It sounds so nice!! My girls got given one of their scents for xmas and I am obsessed. Its finished now so need to rush back and purchase but I can imaginee their sdult ones are fab too! Thanks for reminding me I need to purchase!

    Amina xx |

  2. Thanks for showing it because I didn't know that Zara had perfumes! I need to go in store and try them!

  3. I never thought about trying the Zara perfumes. Definitely will give them a shot next time!! How lovely this sounds!

    x Helen


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