My name is Taslyn and I'm from the beautiful island of Antigua. Hidden Beau-T was created because of my simple love for all things makeup, beauty and skincare related. 

I live in London with my husband of 3 years and I graduated with a bachelors degree in Business Administration.

When I was little I remember telling my mum that when I get older I would like to be an Artist as I loved art, crafts and cooking( the decorative aspect at least).Her advice to me was that a career as an accountant would be a far better achievement economically.I took her advice cause let's face it we all want to make our parents proud.In all honesty, I struggled with accounting all the way through to college and later traded it in for Business Administration which I found a lot easier.

I remember sitting in my class and drawing and sketching because that's what made me happy. I later stumbled on to Michelle Phan and I was hooked, before that I didn't know who she was cause I was so buried in the world of business.

Michelle Phan and many others I have come across along life's path has thought me that my art matters, my art is beautiful. That's how I came up with the name for the blog.
"Hidden Beau-T" stands for the fact that beauty isn't always how we perceive things, there is beauty in everything and it shouldn't be hidden.

I hope that you would take this journey with me.

With Love


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